“I performed better than I expected [during my race] – even with the heat index in the red by mid-race. Our food plan for the day was perfect and really helped me out. It felt great and I’ve already signed up for more races”


“Thanks for helping me through the summer and for all the advice and encouragement! I’ve grown to love experimenting with different recipes and making my own cooking style!”


“Danielle Southern was incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect from an appointment with a dietitian, but she was extremely friendly, made me feel very comfortable, and offered great suggestions that I feel will improve my overall health.”


“Danielle Southern was so helpful and understanding. I really appreciated her care.”


“The session we had was so very helpful. My child is doing much much better with staying on a regular meal schedule. My cooking skills have gotten a lot better (per my family). I cannot thank you enough for your help! Thanks to you, the whole family is grateful!!!!”


“Thanks for all your encouragement along my running journey.”